Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Start of a New Blog

It has been over 5 months since I have done any scrap booking. I didn't scrapbook for awhile due to some health concerns. Then when I was ready to scrap again my program would no longer work on  my computer. I tried everything that my dad and brothers could think of doing to get it to work but had no success at it. So I have been without a scrapbook program. The good news is that I will be getting one for Christmas. In the mean time I have downloaded the trial version of PSE 9. I am going to start to use it today.

I found out about a new scrapbook site earlier this evening or rather yesterday as technically it is Thursday now and no longer Wednesday. I looked through the Store at this site and was impressed with what I saw in it so I decided to try to become a member of the Sites CT. I was happy to hear quite quickly that they wanted me on the CT. I am just waiting for it to go through that I am on the CT and then I will start to work on layouts.

I will be using this page to share the pages that I make with people. I will also try to keep up with things that are happening. I haven't done very good in the past at keeping up with a blog so this is going to be something which I really strive to accomplish. I hope that people will enjoy reading what I have to say and looking at the pages that I make.

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GrandmaBev said...

Good luck on your new blog and creative team.